A letter from John Cooke

On Sat, Mar 2, 2019 at 4:13 PM John wrote:

Dear Johnny,

aka Yeshe Tungpa 

aka Ven. Seonaidh Perks

It was with great interest, I recently read your open letter of January 9th.

Shortly thereafter I read another from Lady Diana Mukpo.  If you have not read it I have attached it at the bottom. Although I suspect you are aware of the substance. My first draft of this correspondence was lost when my email app crashed so forgive my getting to the point with a consequential loss of prose, in order to convey what is important. 

I am not at all privy to the controversy you speak of but I was pleased to hear you are getting your house in order.  I am all for “openness” if it’s display is on a firm ground, but after reading Dru’s book I am glad to hear you confirm that this “ground” is the Dharma. 

I did, for a moment, entertain the thought that your words could also be directed toward what I have shared with you concerning the Tuatha de Seanbealach. But my faith is strong that a meeting of minds will be recognized.

When I sit and contemplate the vision of Shambhala and an open enlightened society and how it informs the structure of the Tuatha de Seanbealach, I see a great Bodhi Tree with branches reaching out like a umbrella and deep roots in the Dharma and lineage.  Around the trunk are stones that represent the cultural forms (clans) that this enlightened society (Tribe) display such as Celtic Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Secular Buddhism etc.

tree with standing stone-Cooke.jpeg

You mention “If Celtic Buddhism is to continue” and “If it is not to continue, which is certainly okay”.  After reading Lady Diana’s letter I became convinced of something I suspected and I believe was the reason you and the lineage of Celtic Buddhism appeared to me.  The reason you where pushed out of Rinpoche’s nest so covered with spiritual materialism. The reason Mipham Rinpoche’s “kingdom” has collapsed despite your teacher’s vision. Namely, rinpoche never meant for the Shambhala pure vision to be realized through the lineage of the Shambhala organization and it hasn’t since.  I truly believe, if Rinpoche’s vision is to survive and be realized it will only be through, if not in, the lineage of Celtic Buddhism.  You were Rinpoche’s close heart student.  I pray you will use all skillfulness and any means necessary to ensure the legacy of your teacher.  There is unfinished work.

I will strive to use all my power toward compassionate action and keep faith in a meeting of our minds.  In that spirit, with your permission, I would like to formally recognize you as the first “Chief of the Clan of Celtic Buddhism” with all continuity of formality and tradition.

 I am not sure how soon I will be able to visit yet time waits for no man. So I hope we can find a way to have more substantive correspondence.

 Yours in right action,

John Cooke III