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A "timely" poem from Eido Boru, lineage holder from Australia.



By Sir Eido Boru, A Celtic Buddhist Bard

Oh ancient one
the great Eriu
I have a question
to ask of you
when next is
the moon belewe *
with a magical
eclipse too?
The future and
very rare date
is the common era
two zero one eight
second and thirty-first
of January
a month which is
One moon will suffer
a loss of light
it will go dark
the other stays bright
at the day's end
one is adverse
is it the second
or the thirty-first?

* An ancient Celtic Irish word meaning BLUE







Thom Kilts and family with masks


This is what happens when Yeshe introduces the Kilts family to Traktung Rinpoche.




Seonaidh and Thom KIlts image

Yeshe Tongpa (Seonaidh Perks) and Thom Kilts - April 2017



group photo image

Julia Perks, Yeshe, Thom and Sarah Kilts



Buddhist teachers respond to Trump's presidential win:  


The Buddha Draft: A Reaction to Trump Election

Dear Fellow Human Beings, and Especially my Vajra Brothers and Sisters:

The Vajra sceptor crashes through our skulls with no regards to our comforts, our preferences or our fears---it just cuts.  The breaking of worlds, but not of the “end of the world” variety our materialistic, reductionist, modern-world gets into, but a breaking of a bubble.  A bubble that we’ve created and create, and now its like someone pulling off the blankets on a cold morning, or better yet like pulling off a bandage we have grown fond of and accustomed to.  Rip, there it goes, rip, there it went.  The Vajra sceptor does not wait for your version of convenience, it just cuts.

My favorite Buddhist response to the election came from the Zen Teacher, Norman Fischer, who said, “Bodhisattvas play the long game.”  Yes, we do.  We get up in the morning, rake the garden, shovel the shit, do the work and so on---through good times or bad times, happy or sad, we just rake the garden, shovel the shit and do the work. 

Last year around this time I had a vision.  Not too overly exciting but just a clear sensation that indicated dark times were coming.  I took it quite seriously, made some personal changes, adjusted, but as I see now there was still some subtle negotiating happening.  I see this now, because as my preferences got rattled (proud Bernie supporter) with this US election, that a Hillary win would have continued an illusion; that maybe my discomfort could be delayed a little longer, maybe a few more parties before I have to get serious about this Buddhist shit.  The Vajra sceptor cares not for our comforts, material or mental.

If we lived during a time where everybody was focused on developing an enlightened society, we would only have to teach Hinayana and all beings would be enlightened.  If we lived during times people expressed concern for all beings truthfully and authentically, we would only have to teach the precious Mahayana and all beings would be liberated on the spot.  But we don’t.  We live in confused times.  The Vajrayana is not a clean or even very logical method of teaching (from one point of view), but it is tailored made for times of confusion and darkness.  My struggle has been feeling that maybe certain students were not ready yet, or even more important and probably truer, that I am not ready.  Both are still true, but it doesn’t matter because we are running out of time!  Imperfect students and imperfect teachers will have to do----its like we are on a draft board for the Buddhas.  I know my students will not receive the perfection of teachings I have received from my teachers, but at the same time, maybe they are not going to get the privileges I have received as well; to train and take my time developing and to have had the privilege of being in the presence of fully enlightened masters.  Sometimes when there is a war on, we have to just draft them, train’em, and then send them out with prayers.  Many times in this situation, we actually end up cultivating the best of us, even the best ever, and that in turn brings out the best in everybody----that’s how enlightened society can manifest on the spot even in the most confused and darkest of times.  It has happened before and it will happen again.

If Hillary won, maybe we get up in the morning, rake the garden, shovel the shit, do the work—but maybe in a comfortable way with leisure and privilege.  Things seem nice and steady, wisdom is dawning in society, no need to hurry up, I can be very Hinayana and Mahayana right now.  I can focus on even more wise changes and choices and seek to further this dawning of wisdom----it can be nice during peace time.  The only problem with peace time is that we get kind of lazy---we forget to relate to each other, to clean up our portion of the world, we argue about philosophies, get drunk and fat on ideas and debate---we like to argue about the best meditation practice or the more authentic Buddhism and tell our stories of our heroic Buddhist deeds at tea parties---but this all changes in times of war.  The Vajra sceptor has no patience for our tea parties and ideas or fixations.  It just cuts.

Since Trump is to be the President, we need to get up in the morning, rake the garden, shovel the shit, do the work----but now it might feel sharper, a little less fun, a little more tedious.  Don’t mistake that sharpness for the allure of setting sun world depression.  It is your wisdom dawning.  It is just more important now than ever that you pay attention to it.  The Vajra sceptor does not strike when we think it is convenient, it strikes because it has to.

I, am hereby drafting all of you into service; Buddha service.  There’s a war on folks, maybe we haven’t been giving it our full attention, but its there.  We need spiritual warriors to arise and work hard to convey to this world that:  it’s being is primordial goodness, its essence is the wisdom of the Buddhas and its truth is Dharmakaya!  Let’s get to work!


I love you all,
Venerable Thomas Indra Bodhi Kilts
The Dorje Sangkhor and Celtic Buddhist Lineage Holder



Saluting unconditional cheerfulness: The Dorje Dradul - Chogyam Trungpa,

Kusung Dapon John Perks - Yeshe Tongpa, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.





















Photos from a June Empowerment at Anadaire for Andrew Peers and Scott Ellis.






Shrine roomLama Tomas



Seoanaidh seatedAndrew Peers-Seonaidh


Seonaidh-Scott EllisScott-Seonaidh-Andrew

Scott Ellis and family


Thom Kilts on a recent vist to Anadaire Buddhist Center in Vermont. (Thom, Lama Tomas, and Seoanidh)






Venerable Seonaidh Perks and Lama Tomas recently visited the Ann Arbor-based Vajrayana Community, Tsogyelgar. The community was founded by Traktung Rinpoche. Seonaidh gave a series of talks to the community members.

Seonaidh talk 1 -Ann Arbor





Seonaidh talk2 -Ann Arbor















* I have been meditating on line on Sunday, along with a worldwide group, with a live podcast from Buddha Maitreya... Bill Burns

Here's the links and information to get started.

Subject:               Buddha Maitreya Worldwide Online OM Meditation SUNDAY S
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Register for the Online Planetary OM Meditation at 3pm PST on SUNDAY, November 22nd


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The OM Meditation

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Once registered, we will send you an email on the day of the event with a dedicated link and password to attend online.

The Meditations normally last between 2 and 2.5 hours but are often live events and so timings may vary. If there is a change to the start time of the event, we will notify you by email.

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The Celtic Buddhist Doctrine Regarding Vaccination

June 30, 2015

Vaccines and vaccine-preventable disease have repeatedly been in the news over the past several months. In light of Vermont’s recent legislative ruling to remove the right of its citizens to declare a philosophical exemption on vaccination, we thought it apropos to publish our beliefs concerning compulsory vaccines and related objections thereto. It shall therefore be noted that the wisdom of the Celtic Buddhist Dharma, in particular that of its Vermont sangha, does not endorse vaccination that is mandated by the state. We view mandatory vaccination as an unethical practice and believe instead that vaccination should be an individual choice, honoring the right of parents to make what they feel are the best possible decisions for their children. This in no way means that we overlook the importance and efficacy of vaccines; we simply believe that the state should not have the right to tell us what to put in our bodies or our children’s bodies.



Tomas with group



A story from Panama where Lama Naomh Tomas Tenzin Dupchen is leaving after 5 years of serving the community of Bocas Del Toro.


“We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place; we stay there, even though we go away.” Pascal Mercier

This week Bocas Del Toro, Panama will be bidding farewell to one of our favorite people. You know the kind of person that only comes along once in a while, a person who leaves a lasting impression on everyone, a true treasure, which is our Tom, or Lama NaomhTomás Tenzin Dupchen, (his official monk name).  Tom first came to Bocas Del Toro about five years ago and during his time here he has brought help to those in need at the Asilo and found common ground between two very different cultures with the re-opening and meditation services offered at the Chinese Temple. He has been a great friend and confidante to so many of us.  He has opened our eyes, our minds and hearts with the beauty of compassion and humility. He has left his mark!
I have had the pleasure of sitting down with Tom many times asking him countless questions and sending email after email preparing for a story or article.  He was one of Bocas’ VIPs (Very Interesting People) and I interviewed him about the re-opening of the temple.  I got one last chance to sit with him, talk over dinner and ask a few more questions.

The first thing I asked him was what he would miss most about Bocas?   “The Asilo Family of course is first on the “will miss” list. Almost three years with a wonderful group of Elders and amazing staff leaves a mark on my soul. The residents of Asilo and the ones who have come and gone have taught me a lot about the human condition. Serving them in the twilight time of their lives and serving them when they die by preparing their bodies and giving them dignified burials has been an opportunity to give so much to so few that have so little. The Floating Doctors and the people in the compassionate community of Bocas are such warriors of hope and compassion that I am honored to be in their presence. Jean Sohmer has “dropped out of the sky” as Olga said I did and the Asilo Family is in such capable and loving hands.  I will miss the people who have accepted me into their lives, have given me respect, love and their trust to help me serve here. I take them with me in my heart.I will miss Quinn (Queen), Sanka and all the dogs in the street I have become friends with on my feeding route. I will miss the beauty of these islands and the water world they are in. I will miss Panama which has become my second country. “

Tom told me what he would be doing when he left Bocas and what he is most looking forward to the next step of his journey, “I will be going to the state of Vermont in the USA to be with my teacher at the Anadaire Celtic Buddhist Center/Monastery to further establish the monastic community in North America and assist my teacher in his teaching and the lineage, dedicating our efforts to working with the elderly and disadvantaged. It is a great honor in my tradition to be able to do this and I am so happy that my seat will be less than a two hour drive from four of my five children and my six grandchildren. I am so looking forward to watching them grow and to be able to observe all those special days I have missed over the last five years.  I get to spend the rest of this life in the two places that are my life-long love and devotion, my family and my Buddhist practice.” He just received allow income ticket and will bring his practice to this year’s Burning Man, a lifelong dream of his, to celebrate his 70th birthday.

He gave a few pieces of advice for people who are thinking about making a life in Bocas, “Come to Bocas, you will be happy that you did…. Be kind to Bocas while you are here. Respect, recycle, re-use…. Take with a grain of salt anything you read on a Facebook group that begins with Bocas…Eat in the restaurants, go to the islands, visit the beaches, and see the Botanical Gardens and the Smithsonian. Really get to know this paradise for a year to see if it is for you… Support the groups that give to the community and protect the environment.”
He also had a few things to say to his friends and family here in Bocas, “In any journey the leaving is the emotional part and the going is where the adventure is. So this is an emotional time these last few days. I am humbled by the respect, friendship and love that you have given to me and I will carry that feeling in my heart for the rest of my days in this life. At the end of the second talk by the Buddha where he speaks on the “Fruits of the Homeless Life”, the manifesto for us homeless monks, he ends with the two line mantra that defines what we do;“May I serve to be perfect. May I be perfect to serve.”Thank you Bocas for letting me practice this mantra in your beautiful world. Sweet Love Bocas, Namaste. Lama NaomhTomás Tenzin Dupchen.”

It’s hard to believe that we won’t be seeing those scarlet and saffron robes floating through the streets on the “Monk Cycle” anymore, or hear the peaceful voice calming the chaos that is here at times, but Tom reminded me that he will still be here. “Every time someone takes the residents at Asilo out for a walk, every time someone takes them a bag of rice or some chicken, every time someone feeds one of the hungry dogs on the street, that is me, I will still be here.”

Tom, from all of us at, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing with us your love and light!  May it shine bright on so many others.  Paz dear friend!



Tomas with hatTomas with monks





An investiture performed on May 3rd 2015, Vaishakha Day (Lord Buddha's Birthday) at Anadaire Center, Saxton's River, Vermont.

Four knights were invested into the Avalokiteshvara and Tuatha De Danann streams:
Dame Amy Walter
Sir David Rohn
Sir Kenneth Ketchum
Sir Ashley Playfair-Howes.

Also, invested into the Peerage Sir Ashley Playfair-Howes as Baron of Bras D'Or, Commander, Lord of the Isles.


four knights


From left to right:

Sir Kenneth Ketchum

Sir David Rohn

His Holiness Seonaidh Perks

Dame Amy Walter

Sir Ashley Playfair-Howes






His Holiness Seonaidh Perks investing Sir Ashley Playfair-Howes as Baron of Bras D'or.









h h drumming













three friends



sir kenneth and john




Monk Tomas with dogMonk Tomas aiding


Ven. Lama Naomh Tomas administering aid at the homeless elder center on Isla Colon in Boca Del Toro, Panama.