Celtic Buddhist Monks






"Celtic Buddhist monasticism is inspired and informed by the life of St. Francis, Mother Theresa and St. Brendan, to name a few, and seeks to create a strong religious Buddhist/Christian monastic community. Buddhism will never truly sistergryphonlinbelong to the west until strong monastic communities are present. These communities will become the gathering place for practitioners, offer people the chance to the short and long term retreats and become living examples of what life can be when the focus is not on ourselves." an excerpt from Sister Gryphon's website: www.celticbuddhistmonks.org/


Sister Gryphon was empowered as a lineage holder in July,2011. Sister Gryphon is the Abbess of Glen Ard Abbey and the Director of Shambhala teachings in the Celtic Buddhist Lineage.

Sister Gryphon trained and lived for 8 years at Zen Mountain Monastery where she took postulant and novice ordination vows. She then lived as a mendicant monk for several years taking various jobs and wandering, visiting other spiritual teachers and centers. In 2009 she met Seonaidh Perks and in 2010 received final monastic ordination vows in the Celtic Buddhist Lineage. Sister Gryphon also holds a degree in veterinary medicine and has trained and practiced holistic and herbal medicine. She has also trained with Tom Brown,Jr. in wilderness skills, living with the Earth, and has completed scout training. She is currently living in the woods of Howland, Maine and is in the process of creating an abbey and training temple there.