(Knights of the Tuatha De Danann)



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Riders of the Sidhe - John Duncan *



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Jamille Kemp, Harry Einhorn, David Madson Cook, Julia Perks, John Perks, Serena Edwards, Catherine Fordham, Sophie Perks, Genevieve Waltcher


The Epic of the Sovereignty Prophesy

Thus have I heard . . .
On the darkest day of the millennium
solstice of the ending of the world,
arrived at AnaDaire bruidhean
on the banks of the Saxtons
in the Kingdom of Shambhala,
warriors of Shambhala
seven in number
riding their white horse

In the whole of the bruidhean
with the Lion of Kalapa
and the beloved Pookie, priestess of Errigal
the faerie beings, Key Key and Sew Sew,
the hound Effie, hunter of bears
Being twelve in number
Feasting at the world’s end
Eating of Mac Da Tho’s pig and dream soup
drinking the spirits of life
from the Derrywaflan chalice
passed from hand to hand and lip to lip

There were seven doors in each hall
Seven roads ran through it
Seven fireplaces therein
Seven cauldrons with ox and salted pig in each
With a flesh fork at the first thrust
each warrior ate whatever he obtained
If he obtained nothing at the first thrust
he went hungry

The seven warriors ate their fill
Chanting the Sadhana of Mahamudra
Invoking Ma Caillech
Singing Anu
The seven treasures were shown
Sounds of conch, drums, bells, cymbals, and gong
Offering of flesh bones were made at the circle of sovereignty

Then after the world had ended
with all in their natural display
seven plus one were initiated
Knights of the Tuatha De Danann
Each one kneeling in their turn
Rising as the Great Eastern Sun Knights
The number eight of infinity
Questing, helping all beings on their path
Reporting back to the Fianna
with questing songs

Herein are the names of the knights:
Sir Harry Einhorn,
coming from the East,
manifesting as Vajrasattva,
servant of all beings
Lady Genevieve Waltcher,
secret observer of all phenomena
Sir David Madsen Cook,
natural elegance of the prince,
wisdomholder of the myth of gender
Lady Catherine Fordham,
receiver of the transmission of Dream Soup,
creating the Kingdom of Thespians
Sir Jamille Kemp,
skilled follower of the craft of the prophet
Lady Sophie Pushpa Octavia Perks,
suckling on the tongue of Dorje Trolo
Lady Serena Edwards,
Serenity of the heart of drala

Thus was the Kingdom of Shambhala realized
at the feast of the ending of the world,
twenty-first day of December, 2012.


Seonaidh seated




Seonaidh filling offeringgroup dining imageimage Julia and Seonaidhimage Seonaidh and 3 knights


An investiture performed on May 3rd 2015, Vaishakha Day (Lord Buddha's Birthday) at Anadaire Center, Saxton's River, Vermont.

Four knights were invested into the Avalokiteshvara and Tuatha De Danann streams:
Dame Amy Walter
Sir David Rohn
Sir Kenneth Ketchum
Sir Ashley Playfair-Howes.

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sir david











dame amy







Two young knights invested in Nova Scotia in August, 2015


Two young knights invested



Eido Boru imageSir Eido Boru was invested as a Knight of the Tuatha De Danann on 15 January, 2016 by Venerable Seonaidh Perks for his poetic literature.




* The painting by John Duncan (1866-1945) depicts Sidhe riders on Midsummernight. The riders carry two of the Four Treasures of the Tuatha De Danann: the cauldron of Dagda and the sword of Nuada. The other two treasures are the spear of Lugh and the Liath Faill, also known as the Stone of Destiny. Sidhe refers to the earthen mounds that the celts believed were home to various benevolent supernatural beings, including the fairies, the elves, the nature spirits and in some accounts, the Tuatha De Danann.