Rabbit Hill Hermitage




Rabbit Hill Hermitage is an American Celtic Buddhist monastery under the direction of Sister Gryphon Shane dedicated to the teaching, support and encouragement of sincere Celtic Buddhist practice, and to the embodiment and promotion of spiritually informed, environmentally sound living.


Rabbit Hill Hermitage also acts as a hub for a small but growing intentional community where every member is financially independent and yet shares what they can, supporting the other members in living a simplistic back to nature life as well as supporting each other spiritually.






Rabbit Hill Hermitage provides residential training for those interested in a life that is imbued with Celtic Buddhist practice. In training oneself and in sharing one's life with others as one strives to completely embody the teachings,one dedicates one's practice to the welfare of all beings.


picture of building


Celtic Buddhism is a pretty neat path to walk with your spiritual friends.

www.celticbuddhistmonks.org/ for more details.

Also,facebook.com/pages/The monks-of-Glen-Ard-Abbey